You can order our mixes by the bag or case. Each bag contains 32 oz and will make approximately 2 gallons of finished product to use in a frozen beverage machine. It will make approximately a half gallon of concentrate which can be mixed with ice in a blender. Each case contains 12 bags.

Shipping and handling are included in the price.

Order by Bags $9.53/bag
Order by Case $114.36/case

Banana Daiquiri

The taste of ripe fresh banana
Bubble Gum A refreshing bubble gum taste
Cherry An original cherry taste
Cola/Long Island Tea An old fashioned cola taste
Grape A Great classic grape taste
Kiwi A Caribbean fruit that combines sweet and sour
Lemonade Cocktail Lemon delight that is sure to make you pucker
Margarita (Triple Sec Added) half gallon Bottle
7 parts water to 1 part mix. Each half gallon makes 4 gallon finished product. 6 bottles per case or buy by the bottle.  
Margarita (Triple Sec Added) Out of Stock Great tangy citrus
Neon Blue Raspberry Raspberry flavor with a blue kick
Orange A crisp taste of a refreshing orange  
Peach Daiquiri That "just picked" peach taste
Pina Colada Coconut and pineapple
Sangria Grape flavors perfect for your favorite Burgundy wine
Sea Breeze Blends sweet and sour flavors of cranberry & grapefruit
Strawberry Daiquiri Exciting taste of fresh strawberries
Watermelon A taste of summer fresh watermelon